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White Lace Clips

White Lace Clips


Laceclips - locks for shoelaces

A great new product from a clever new Sydney designer and mum.  Simply tie your child's shoes as normal before school, then lock them tight all day with Laceclips by threading the loops of the shoelaces through the Laceclip holes.  

They are big enough for little fingers to handle but small enough to be hardly noticeable on the top of the laces.  Our kids love them and so will your teachers - no more tying school shoes all of lunch time!

Great for children with anxiety about tying shoelaces or those new to shoelaces, that can't quite get them tight enough to stay tied!

Available in black and white for sports and day wear shoes!

Please note:  This item doesn't contribute to your school's fundraising total - but we hope you will buy them and love them anyway!

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