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Icons A4 Book Cover

Icons A4 Book Cover
The Icons A4 sized book cover is equally popular with boys and girls who are tech-savy and like to keep up with the latest gadgets. All A4 Sized book covers will fit all A4 books with any number of pages.
  • All Class Covers book covers are made from durable PVC which means each book cover can be re-used from one year to the next.
  • Print quality is excellent, the design is repeated on the back cover and the unique curved torsion sleeve (CTS) ensures the cover is easy to use and the book will not fall out.
  • Your child will be able to cover their own books in the time it takes to have a cuppa. Once they are done simply write your child's details in the name box with a Sharpie or other permanent pen.
  • All A4 Sized book covers will fit a standard A4 sized book (210mm x 295mm) with any number of pages.

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