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Making back to school easy

The words ‘Back to School’ can strike fear in even the most seasoned parents.

Its a busy time of year that can be incredibly stressful for both parents and kids.

The years your children spend at school are such an exciting time. So many changes, activities and responsibilities – as they progress through from being shy pre-schoolers to competent and confident young adults, ready to make their way in the world.

Sometimes it seems overwhelmingly difficult, especially for parents who have complex professional commitments of their own. But the trick is to think ahead and use your most precious resources – time and attention – in a considered and smart way.

Learning together to get organised will set them up with good habits for life, and give you, the parents, a less stressful start to your own day as well.

At ezibooks Australia, we’re all about making this time easier for you. Here are our top tips to enter the new school year with ease:

Get hold of your school book lists as early as you can and get organised now, to save a lot of stress closer to the date.

Order online to save shopping headaches whilst you have the kids on school holidays. Things like stationery and school book covers can be ordered online and delivered direct to your door. Don’t panic if you don’t get your book list until the last minute, we can get your book covers to you in 2 – 5 business days within Australia

New year is actually a great time for a new start – think about what areas of your home-school organising worked well for you last time, and what bits really did not. Resolve, if only to yourself, that this year is going to see some permanent changes… and then you’ll be ready to make them happen.

If your school has a uniform make sure you know about the deadlines for ordering, what is required, and where to get hold of it all. If your school has its own uniform shop, what are the opening arrangements during the school holidays, and if not, where are the authorised suppliers?

What other things do you need, for that first day back to school? Every child needs a bag – if your school specifies and provides one, then that’s a big decision taken care of, but remember they will all look the same, just like those hats and cardigans. So immediate labelling is essential.

You might need other practical things too – new lunch boxes and water bottles need to be bought and labelled, because for some reason these always seem to look and feel a bit used and unhygienic after a summer break, even if they’ve been washed and stored carefully and with good intentions.

Do your children do any after school activities that have special equipment or clothing requirements? They might be trying something new this year, or have outgrown last term’s gear. Again, think about ordering these in advance, so everything is in place for the start of term, and specialist things such as specific sheet music might have to be ordered in from quite a distance. And don’t forget the naming and labelling, especially as this stuff can be very expensive to replace if lost.

Think about all the things they are likely to need for music – instruments, sheet music, carrying cases (labelled!), consumables such as reeds for woodwind or cleaning materials. Sports – uniforms, equipment, boots, towels/toiletries, sports bags. Arts and drama – materials, costumes, scripts, portfolios…

If your children will be taking packed lunch to school, you can save time and get ahead of yourself a bit here. Stock up on the items that they need every day – you can even get wholesale quantities if you have access to the suppliers and space to store, of long shelf-life items like cartons of juice.

Here’s a handy checklist:

Uniform – inventory, mend and order

Shoes and outerwear

Labels- clothes, books, bags, shoes

Bags and stationery and equipment

Lunchboxes and water bottles

Equipment for hobbies and after school activities

Home space and organisation

Any paperwork or statutory requirements

To help you get organised now, check out the great range of school book covers and other products such as umbrellas, lunch boxes, earphones and earphone cases, swimming bags and lace clips available in the ezibooks Australia back to school online shop -