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We will be operating on limited capacity from Christmas until the 15th of January. 

No orders will be shipped between 2nd January until after the 15th. 

Please expect delays if you wish to place orders during this time

In January, your products will arrive within 4 business days of you placing your order.

During the other months of the year, you can expect a delivery time of within 7 business days.


Please note:  If ordering through a school, your orders will be delivered in bulk directly to your school for distribution.  If you would like your order delivered directly to your address, that service will incur a postage cost and will generally be sent when the school order is distributed.  If possible, we will send your order to your home address before the school order is sent.

ezibooks Australia is a wholesaler of our school bookcovers to interested schools to sell in uniform and stationery shops. Our standard covers are sold in bulk lots of 50 or more.  Please contact us for a bulk order price list.

We can also provide school book covers in your school colours with logo printing available. Custom covers are sold in larger lots of approx 2500pcs to 20000pcs and beyond. Please contact us for a quote.

Our high quality school book covers are made from PVC - a safe material** and very durable. This makes ezibooks Australia book covers reusable year after year. PVC is also recyclable in the curbside recycling bin. They come already marked with the international recycling symbol appropriate for this material.

** PVC should not be ingested.

ezibooks Australia's school book covers come in 3 sizes for your convenience – to fit A4 notebooks, to fit scrapbook size books and to fit standard exercise books.  The school book covers are modelled directly from widely used A4, scrapbook and exercise books and so the fit is perfect! Even when the books start to fill up, there is still plenty of room! We will send you samples in your fundraising pack once you register and you can test them for yourself!

The sizes are as follows (for a closed book):

exercise book cover - w 180mm, l 235mm;

A4 book covers - w215mm, l 310mm;

scrapbook covers - w245mm, l 345mm. 

NB: Scrapbooks vary in size - our covers fit the standard sizes of:

333mm x 237 in 64page, 72page, 96pages

Some egs of the brands our covers fit: Olympic Aussie Scrapbook, Olympic Megasaurus Scrapbook, Victory what on earth is in _______Scrapbook, Olympic Wings Scrapbook, Tudor Jungle Scrapbook


Our scrapbook cover does not fit the Olympic Outerspace 120 page book as it measures 280mm wide

At ezibooks Australia, we understand the pinch on families - especially when you have a big family.

That is why our fundraiser offers products that parents buy anyway, at a more affordable price! All our products are high quality, originally designed that are fun and USEFUL!

Parents can purchase any 2 scrapbook size school book covers for $5.50 or any single scrapbook cover for $3.30, any 3 A4 size school book covers for $5.50 or any single A4 cover for $2.30, any 6 exercise book covers for $5.50 or any single exercise book cover for $1.20.

For more information, see our product page with photos and prices – whatever way you look at it, our popular school book covers are excellent value!

At ezibooks Australia, we understand how fussy some of our young princes and princesses can be! So... most of our school book covers are plain and available in fantastic colours!

Our current school book cover range includes purple, blue, pink, lime, red, silver, black, yellow and clear and come in 3 standard sizes for scrapbook, A4 and exercise book size. 

You can add stickers to the reusable book covers, or for an original look, let your little ones (and not so little ones) decorate their books with pictures, then put a clear cover over the top to protect them. Our school book covers come in lots of options, great colours and sizes.

If you have a problem with your school book covers, please contact us via email on or if your problem is urgent please contact John on 0432 540 672. Please just leave your name and number if we don't pick up and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! *****If you have purchased our new range of school book covers which come to you unfolded, just pop them on your books and give them a few days to settle. They will be a snug fit to start with but once they find their fold they will fit your books perfectly! :)*****

Absolutely!  Please send us a message via the contact page or call Kylee on 0432 540 672 and we will be happy to provide you with more information on our school book cover fundraising options.

The total amount of your school orders x 20% eg your schools total orders come to $10,000 so 20% is $2000!*

* If your school has to pay GST, this will be the GST inclusive amount.

Our top fundraising school for 2012 placed 130 orders and raised $800 for their school.  Beyond promoting the fundraiser with emails and through their newsletter, the effort needed was minimal.  

They then sold our school book covers at their launch day and raised an extra $400 for their school.  All up, $1200 for not too much to do...

All proceeds went towards the building fund for their school pool.

Think about the number of students at your much could your school raise with a 20% flat return? And which project around the school could you help boost the funds for?

Our school book covers are the most popular fundraising item however all our products are included EXCEPT for e-books and Lace clips. Please see our products page for great pictures and descriptions of all our products.

Absolutely!  If your school has not already received samples from us in 2013, send us a message via the contact page or call us direct.  We will call you or email you as soon as we can and arrange for school book cover samples to be provided.

Once fundraising season has started, log on to our website and you will see a section on the home page for ‘Top Schools’.  Your school, as well as all the other registered schools around Queensland, will appear on that section at some point - this will change as your parents make their orders.  You can also log into your dashboard for a full rundown of orders to date.  If your orders are not what you expected, this gives you the chance to do further advertising with your school to encourage parents to make their orders. We encourage you to check your dashboard once a week to keep an eye on how your marketing is going throughout the school.  If things aren't going as well as you hoped, you can contact us for some help!

This will depend on your final fundraising date.  This is best discussed with one of us, but just for your reference, orders are usually delivered by the last week of school or in January before school starts.  Don't discount us if this doesn't suit your school - we are flexible and can make just about anything work!

This is one of the eziest and risk free fundraisers your school will ever do! There is no financial outlay for your school – we take on this risk for you! We also supply everything that you need to run this fundraiser successfully.  All you need to do is market your fundraiser any way you can. The best thing is the school book covers pretty much sell themselves! We've had great feedback on the quality and being able to reuse them year after year.

When your orders arrive, they will already be bundled into child/family groups so you will just need some volunteers to distribute the orders to each child or family group via the class listed on their invoice. That's it!  Could this be any ezier!!

Your school will receive their fundraising pack up to 2 weeks before the campaign starts.  In some circumstances where a last minute registration is made and your fundraising start date is less than 2 weeks from registration, your fundraising pack could arrive with only a couple of days to spare. In any event, you will have it before your campaign is due to start so that you can prepare.

When you register your school, you can nominate fundraising dates.  Our website will accept orders from your parents from the start date that you nominate.  If your parents order before the start date and you let us know that is happening, then we can make the necessary changes to include those orders in your fundraising total.  If we don't know about it, we can't make the changes and the orders will not count towards your fundraising total.

Officially, if your parents place orders outside the fundraising period, their order will not count towards your school’s total orders. We can, at our discretion, choose to include some orders if they are made within a short time of the fundraising period ending or beginning. We will not count orders made at any other time during the year.

You can increase your sales in lots of ways. Here are some examples but be creative and come up with ideas that will suit your school:

  • Advertise on school assemblies, through the school newsletter, in classrooms and on noticeboards.
  • Involve the students in the advertising of the fundraiser and in reminding their parents to order.
  • Send home reminders – 3 days to go, 2 days to go, 1 day to go!
  • Send out the order form with the 2012 book list so that parents can see how many book covers they need. If that is not possible at your school, give your parents an estimate of how many book covers they might need for each year level. Parents can purchase the book covers in packs of two or three so an approximate number required would be ok. You could publish this information in the school newsletter or on a noticeboard around the school.
  • Display the marketing materials that we send you in your fundraising pack and make samples accessible to the parents so they can ‘test’ them out.
  • Provide blank A4 size and scrapbook notebooks so parents can see that they fit the books that you use within the school.
  • Encourage the purchase of other products on our website for the 'die-hard' contacters among us! :)
  • Keep track of your progress and keep up the marketing!
This fundraiser runs in term 3 and 4, and into the January school holiday period.  The dates that you choose will really be informed by how your school arranges their book list and when it is available to parents.
If yours is a school that has books arrive on the first day, then you can fundraise from any time, right through January until school starts.
If yours is a school that sends home a booklist in October, and the orders are filled by November, then a November finish date and a December delivery would most likely suit your school best.
Have a good think about how your school handles the booklist and have a calendar handy.  If you would like some advice on what works best for your, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.